Monday, August 22, 2005

Prepare to be Embarrassed and Ashamed

The Rocky Mountain Telegram brings us what purports to be the full text of the proposed Iraqi constitution. If this is really it, I'm at a loss for words. I wasn't expecting Alexander Hamilton, but this is an embarrassment. It's not a Constitution at all, just a bunch of vague platitudes. It's like the mission statement of some shitty activist group. A complete travesty and a great shame on our country.

We killed and tortured people for this. For this.

Oh, god...

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The Greatness said...

It looks like that copy is more like somebody's shorthand notes of what the constitution says. Reuters' excerpts are light-years more eloquent. As for vague platitudes, that's probably what we'd get if we held a convention today too. The excerpts don't hold out much hope for an American-style federalism, but comparisons to another modern constitutional document show that this whole language rights and federalism thing is a big issue that deserves all the copy it's got.