Friday, December 16, 2005

Get Left Out

As regular readers may already know, my favorite male nonfiction author is Joshua Frank. His book "One Market Under God" changed my life completely, totally shattered my entire political philosophy and forced me to construct a completely new one, which process is still ongoing to this day.

What's the Matter With Kansas is possibly the most misunderstood book I've ever read, probably because a great majority of the people who took time to pass judgment on it never bothered to actually read it.

Now Frank has another book out called Left Out, Frank's analysis of the 2004 election and what really caused the Democrats to lose an election to probably the most beatable incumbent Republican in recent history.

I haven't read a word of it, but in the tradition of critics of What's the Matter with Kansas, I'm going to go ahead and call it the most insightful, fact-based analysis of the 2004 presidential election yet written. Of course the difference here is I'm probably right.

If I don't get the book for Christmas I'll buy it and review it in January.


Anonymous said...


Thomas Frank wrote What's the Matter with Kansas, not Joshua Frank.

heatkernel said...

Yes, Joshua Frank of _Left Out_ is a different guy from the Thomas Frank who wrote _One Market_ and _What's the Matter with Kansas_. Granted I haven't read either of their books, but I think I will start with _One Market_, if I ever get around to it.

The first sentence of your post raises the question, though, who is your favorite nonfiction author (without the qualification of "male")?

Adam P. Short said...

Whoops. My bad.

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