Friday, January 14, 2011

Me and Angelo Dundee


[that's a joke - apparently I say "So..." at the beginning of every interview question I ask. What can I say? I'm a pro.]

As you probably know if you're reading this blog (which was defunct until very recently) I've recently filmed an interview with Angelo Dundee, the great trainer of fifteen world champions including Muhammad Ali.

It was a great experience, and once I'm done with all this editing I hope to post a longer description of everything that happened in Tampa. Right now, though, I'm focused on getting the clips cut down, the sound in place, etc.

Since that process will probably take some time, I thought I would provide a short, rough clip for everyone to see that indeed I DID conduct the interview and did not just con everyone out of a bunch of money. The clip is of Angie describing his introduction to the world of boxing via the great trainers he worked with as a kid, including Chickie Ferrara, Ray Arcel, and others.

You'll notice the sound is really bad - that's because I haven't cut in the sound from the good mic; this is the multidirectional Panasonic on-camera mic that records things like me scratching my eye. The final version should sound much better (fingers crossed.) Also the full 1080/60p resolution was too much for blogger so this version is considerably lower resolution than the final cut will be.

This clip is a little over a minute - the whole interview is around two and a half hours. Further updates as developments warrant. Thanks a lot for your support everybody!


Mary said...

How old is he now? How great to be able to be in the presence of someone who has seen and done as much as he has....

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