Thursday, March 24, 2005

Language Nerd's Corner

Normally I'm a pretty tolerant guy. However, one of my vices is taking endless glee in the linguistic missteps of my fellow man. Thus was I delighted to enter my office copy room this morning and find a very nice-looking sign on the copier (red block letters with black borders) informing me that:

A Service Has Been Made on This Device

I thus burst into gales of laughter, unfortunately audible to the administrative coordinator who no doubt created the sign, so I had to make up a lie about what I was laughing at. Fortunately no one asked - apparently after four years the sound of me laughing uproariously at nothing at all no longer strikes my coworkers as particularly noteworthy.

Weird side note - I am pretty sure I just hallucinated a glimmering lagoon between my keyboard and my monitor. Not sure what this means, but it may be a medical emergency. Nurse! Bring this man a Tagalong!

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