Friday, May 27, 2005

Krauthammer Melts Down

There is still a lot of moaning on other lefty blogs about the filibuster compromise. I guess people are entitled to their opinion. But really, if something pisses Krauthammer off this much, can it really be that bad?

I say no. My favorite "Charles Unhinged" paragraph:

The second sure thing is that the seven Republicans who went against their party are the toast of the Washington establishment. On Monday night they came out of the negotiations beaming. And why shouldn't they? They are being hailed as profiles in courage, prepared to put principle ahead of (Republican) party. We will soon see glowing stories in the mainstream press about how they have grown in office. (In Washington parlance, the dictionary definition of "to grow" is "to move left.") After that, the dinner-party circuit, fawning articles about their newfound stature and coveted slots on the Sunday morning talk shows.

Yes, Charles Krauthammer, complaining about the inside-the-beltway, dinner-party, Sunday-morning-talk-show element of DC journalism. Rich like chocolate cheesecake.

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