Thursday, May 26, 2005

Liberal Media Comes Through

This actually isn't as snarky or ironic a post title as it would usually be. There are two Bolton headlines floating around out there, Senator Calls for Delay in Vote on Bolton, and GOP Confident Bolton Will Get UN Post.

It appears from my cursory research that the former headline seems to be dominating most papers. Kudos to the Dem PR people, for once.

Also, kudos to Voinovich, who got this Bolton quote printed in basically every serious English-speaking paper in the world:

'The message will be lost because our enemies will do everything they can to use Mr. Bolton's baggage to drown his words,' Voinovich said. `The issue will be the messenger, not the message.'

It's Godwin's Law in reverse - whoever brings up terrorists first wins. Nice work Senator. Hope to see you on the other side of the aisle soon.


Lord Lessismore said...

If you heard some of Voinivich's comments on the radio (like I did because I'm one of those out of touch dinosaurs that still listen to NPR...), the emotion behind his comments was surprising. Makes me proud to be from Ohio.

Adam P. Short said...

Yes, I declared today Ohio appreciation day myself, and celebrated by listening to some Ohio hip hop. Kweli and Hi-Tek Reflection Eternal. Worth it just for the slice-of-history narrators - Mandela (track 1), Lennox Lewis (track 9), and Rick James (track 18).

Can't beat that. Of course, the actual music is quite good as well, and makes a man glad to be alive, as Piakhan says on Touch You...

"In your opinion, it's nothing
To me, I have plenty
Like bein' out of prison with a roof over my dome
And possessin a gift like sparkin a microphone..."

Anonymous said...

well thanx dog dis is piakhan responding to da comment and quotes regarding the rhyme i really appreciate it... again thank you look out for me al pop up ...100!