Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Carry Me Back to Ole Virginia

As most of you already know, I've recently relocated to Richmond, VA, and I've recently found out that my first guvna, will be a Democratic guvna.

Life is Sweet.


RBP said...

Yes, been missing your astute analysis in the last two tumultuous weeks.

btw Battier's getting off to a great start this year with the Grizzlies - oh, that's right, you hate him....

Julie said...

I was bad, I didn't vote. I didn't care. I'm glad Kaine won, but he annoyed the heck out of me. I had 1 flyer, 2 door hangers, and 3 voice mails from his campaign since Sunday (2 voice mails yesterday). I definitely think Bush stopping by for Kilgore didn't help him much. Of course it was probably only Kilgore supporters who got tickets to the event anyway. How are you expected to sway votes when you only invite the people who like you?

Adam P. Short said...

Kaine's a squink, but for future elections, I urge you to consider the broader framework in which we are operating here. Every vote you cast for a Democrat, no matter how mealy-mouthed and pathetic, is a small step toward casting off this abhorrent kakistocracy that's driving the whole goddamn place right into an open fucking sewer.

Is that the astute analysis you've been missing, rbp? :=D