Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Press Laziness Lets War Criminals off the Hook

Forbes has an article today in which a US military spokesperson plays dumb about white phosphorous.

'We don't target any civilians with any of our weapons, and to suggest US forces were targeting civilians with these weapons would be wrong,' he said.

Now of course it's against military policy to target civilians with any weapon. But as we noted yesterday, that's not the issue here. Someone needs to ask the Pentagon whether it has a policy of using white phosphorous in cities in violation of the Geneva Convention.

The relevant protocol is easy to find. Surely reporters covering this story have researched this and read up on it. Right?


Anonymous said...

Have you dropped any of the staff reporters responsible for these articles a tip about this?

It would be interesting to see what they'd do when you know they're in possession of that information.

Adam P. Short said...

I actually have something of a minor email rapport with Bart Gellman (via the old identity), but I don't know if he's covering it. I'll drop him a line (though my point is basically that if I can find this stuff, a reporter who can't find it isn't trying very hard.)