Wednesday, November 05, 2008

At a Loss

I feel I should make a post about how I feel today, but I'm not feeling too eloquent. I did look back at something I wrote before the 2004 election, when I thought Kerry was going to win. Some of it is funny and still kind of apt. I don't mean for it to be a buzzkill - Raul Groom is intended to be taken with a large pillar of salt, after all.

The coming years are not going to be as much fun as we like to think. There will be no wild bacchanals where we trumpet the rolling back of the army of repressed sex fiends and psychopaths who have hounded us for as long as we can remember, and probably longer than that. Jim Morrison will not rise from the grave to proclaim the Age of the Lizard, and there will be no National Catharsis Booth where you can line up and pay $6.50 to kick George W. Bush squarely in the nads as many times as you can afford. But while it pains me to say it, alas, all of this may be A Good Thing.

Not that such shenanigans wouldn't make for a rollicking good Saturday afternoon, mind you. I can think of few things more potentially satisfying than to tie up John Ashcroft and force him to watch as I rolled the pages of the King James Bible, one by one, into huge bomber joints and chain-smoked them until he passed out from the contact buzz or I had burned all the way down through the Book of Job, whichever came first.

But despite what TV and the Ghost of Ronnie Ray-Gun would love for us to believe, life is not about wandering cheerily from one manufactured diversion to the next, sipping chardonnay and toasting the good health of our partners in conspicuous consumption. Life is work, a raging, roiling sea of work, and we take our pleasures where we can, in between turns in the field plowing and thinking of the Seventh Generation. The other option is to sit, drunk and bloated at sowing time, in the hopes of reaping what we do not sow, and if you leaf very far into good King James' Double Wide Rolling Papers, you'll find out what happens to swine like that in the end.


Dave T said...

It would take a lot for you to kill my buzz this morning. And I think your post is apt and the challenges we face our huge. However, as my lovely wife said this morning, for the first time in a long time, I feel willing to do the work to make change happen. In my 26 years of voting, I never canvassed for a candidate. I never donated to a presidential campaign. I talked about stuff but I did little. Until this year.

I think, hope, and pray that this election energizes people, engages them in public life in a way that we haven't seen in our generation. I am prepared to have my bubble deflated but I'm so swole up with pride and appreciation right now, a little deflation will still leave me pretty pumped.

Dave T said...

"are" not "our" in the first graph. Obviously. Was I up too late last night? Yessirree!

One thing that still amazes me about this election is that Al Franken has a decent shot at being a Senator. Al fucking Franken!?!