Sunday, November 02, 2008

NFL Parlay Picker - Week 9

BROWNS -1.5 over Ravens. Because the world is not so evil that the Browns will be swept by the Ravens.

RAMS +3 over Arizona. Because I've been saying Arizona is overrated and it keeps burning me, to the point where my instinct is now to pick against them. And my instincts are always wrong.

Green Bay +4 over TITANS. Because the Titans have to lose sometime.

DENVER -3.5 over Dolphins. Because it's at Mile-High.


Steviehop said...

There are some enticing home dog lines this week...

KC +9 vs Tampa Bay

Cincy +8 vs J'Ville

Philly -7 @ Seattle I have at least one thing in common with Matt Hasselbeck, and unfortunately for the Seahawks that happens to be a bulging disc. Remembering his hairline, make that 2 things

Buffalo -5 vs Jets*

* indicates homer pick

Uncle Kevin said...

How's come ya'll never give the line on my Lions. If nothing else, it should be EASY.