Monday, June 20, 2005


This Mark Danner response to a Knight-Ridder letter really breaks it all down rather nicely. It is sickening, but not particularly surprising, that basically no editor at the major dailies has adopted this framework for investigating this story.

This point, for example, is extremely clear and does not seem to be that difficult to understand:

The Knight Ridder pieces bring up a larger issue. It is a source of some irony that one of the obstacles to gaining recognition for the Downing Street memo in the American press has been the largely unspoken notion among reporters and editors that the story the memo tells is "nothing new." I say irony because we see in this an odd and familiar narrative from our current world of "frozen scandal" -- so-called scandals, that is, in which we have revelation but not a true investigation or punishment: scandals we are forced to live with. A story is told the first time but hardly acknowledged (as with the Knight Ridder piece), largely because the broader story the government is telling drowns it out. When the story is later confirmed by official documents, in this case the Downing Street memorandum, the documents are largely dismissed because they contain "nothing new."

Once again I urge all bloggers in the BBA to familiarize themselves with the larger context of the Downing Street Disclosures and the resultant media coverage as described in this piece.


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