Friday, June 10, 2005

Uncle makes the point in the comments that Niblett's version of C's comments in the Downing Street Memo don't really make things any better. "Bolted on" sort of makes it sound like they weren't even trying to manipulate the evidence, they just took what they had and attached it to the idea of invading, even though it didn't have anything to do with their case, except in a vague, peripheral sense.

This point caused me to imagine the following exchange:

Bush: We've got to invade Iraq! It's a great danger and shit!

C: With respect, Mr. President, there doesn't seem to be evidence to support that position. If we're going to go to the British people with this we'll need some evidence.

Bush: Well, hell! We got piles of evidence! Saddam!! Al-Qaeda! Nuculer! Tearrrrr!

C: Sir, that isn't evidence. It's just words you're saying in a loud voice.

Bush: But lookee here! We got pictures! See these trucks? What's in 'em? We don't know! Could be anything, right? And look at this picture here! The trucks are gone! Where did they go? We don't know! Maybe to America! Maybe to England! Stick that in your file, Mr. British Fancy-Pants!

C: Ah, I believe I understand now. This is some sort of American TV program, correct? Am I being, erm, Punk'd? That raffish Ashton Kutcher is going to show up any minute, I suppose.


C: Is there someone else I could talk to about this? Is Mr. Cheney about?


Uncle said...

Excellent theater. However, I have found myself becoming more depressed as this administration has taken to being openly blind to what happens right before their own eyes. I can't quite figure out if they really don't see, or they just believe they can ignore reality forever. The tolerance of the general public for this stuff would make Barnum proud (of his own predictive capabilities).

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