Monday, September 19, 2005

Browns Win One!

So the Browns were on TV yesterday, playing the equally-horrible (possibly more horrible) Green Bay Packers, and lo and behold, in their first nationally televised game under new head coach Romeo Crennel, they actually got a win, 26-24, at Lambeau Field.

People make a big deal about Lambeau field because in the Packers' glory years (the 1990's and the 1960's) it was almost impossible to win there due to the often ridiculous field conditions. Yesterday it was less of a big deal because the conditions were balmy (76 degrees at kickoff) and the 2005 Packers may be the worst team in the NFL.

Still, it felt good to get a win. This week we get the Indianapolis Colts, a popular pick to win the Super Bowl. Coming off a win, I'm tempted to believe we have a shot to beat these guys, and if the game were in Cleveland in the swirling wind, on natural grass, I might be able to convince myself. But the reality they have an extremely talented team with a few holes at the margins, and we have a marginally talented team with extremely huge holes almost everywhere. Not a good matchup.

One thing, though, sports fans. There are many claims among the NFL punditocracy that the Indianapolis defense is much improved this year. I am not buying it. Though they've given up very few points so far, they've done it by capitalizing on some bad mistakes by the opposing team, not by overcoming their key weakness - stopping the run. They still can't stop the run, so that's going to be the key to keeping the score under control next week. Run, run, run, then run some more. Maybe you can keep it within 10 points and steal it in the fourth quarter.

Then again, as they say, hope is not a plan.


Lord Lessismore said...

Kind of like the Bush Administration hoping for a few years now that the situation in Iraq would improve...

I thought you'd be cheered by the Brownies pulling one off. So you think Dilfer is worth anything?

Anonymous said...

Even the Redskins won against the Cowboys. That brings the Redskins to 2-0.

Adam P. Short said...

Actually, Dilfer is my kind of QB, because I don't really like talented quarterbacks. I like guys who basically stink, but somehow find a way to win. That's Trent. The only trouble with him from my point of view is that he's a crazed fundamentalist. His email address is (get it?)

I only know his email address because I work with his sister's best friend. I don't email him asking him to sign stuff, really I don't.

As to whether Trent is worth anything, I think he's worth keeping around for two years while we build a legit team. Then we'll throw him on the scrap heap like every other team he's played for.