Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Whaddya Know - Sports is Depressing Too

So I'm disgusted by politics, eh? Well, at least the election was close. The Browns got pummeled 27-13 by a mediocre Bengals team, the Mets have completely collapsed, and my fantasy team scored the fewest points in the league this weekend. Oh, and Agassi got wiped off the court by Roger Federer.

Did anything good happen this weekend? Well, the Washington football team and the Buffalo Bills won, and those are the two teams I'm following this season while the Browns stink up the league. The Bills looked particularly impressive in dismantling the Houston Texans.

So if sports is as depressing as politics, what's a junkie to do? Apparently, it's back to politics. I submitted an article to DU yesterday for the first time in many moons. Watch for it at The Democratic Underground Front Page. It's the feel-good article of the year.

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Anonymous said...

A bit temperamental this week, eh? (grin)