Friday, September 09, 2005

Reevaluating our Core Mission

I haven’t posted in a long time, obviously. But here are two of the things that are keeping me from coming back (other than the taking-care-of-infant, looking-for-new-jobs, selling-my-house stuff):

A) I’m completely disgusted with American politics right now. It took me longer to get there than a lot of my liberal friends because I just love politics as a sport and so my threshold is just really high. But this most recent rash of failures by the Bush administration is like that moment in a buddy’s relationship when the girl he’s seeing starts doing something like inviting her other boyfriend over to their house that he paid for while he’s there, and he still won’t break up with her. There comes a point where you just have to stop calling the guy or you’ll lose your mind. After they finally break up you can become friends again, because after all, you’re guys and there’s no statute of limitations on the friendship.
B) It’s September (implications below.)

So at this point I am temporarily getting out of the pundit game. I don’t have time to write features for DU right now, and most of the writing I’ve been doing recently is my own quick rundowns of stuff that’s happening in the sports world. Which brings me to the fact that…

It’s the first weekend of September, which is possibly my favorite weekend of the year from a sports perspective. The US Open tennis tournament is finishing up, the NFL season is starting, college football is through with its useless Week One mismatches (though the VT/NC State game was exciting) , and the baseball playoff races (isn’t it sad we can’t say “penant races” anymore?) are heading to the home stretch.

Of course on as a Mets fan, I get to enjoy the home stretch of the playoff race in only the most rueful sense, since the Mets have already completed their annual post-All-Star-break eight game losing streak and removed themselves from contention. But it’s still baseball.

Long story short, this is now a sports blog. To all who read this blog who hate sports, well, tough shit. To all my non-Dem friends who do like sports, come on down. I promise to keep the GOP-bashing to a lighthearted minimum.


Sarachkah said...

Do you anticipate a moment in the near future with sports like you've had with politics? 'Cause you know, i wouldn't be crying if you were less interested in football.

Also, you know how you have always made sports analogies when discussing politics (usually boxing?) I think if this is a sports blog now, you should do the reverse and throw in a political analogy when you are deconstructing a game or whatever it is that sports bloggers do.

heatkernel said...

Don't give up now, man!
I think the tide may be about to turn our way. OK, perhaps that's not the best analogy to use at present.

Lord Lessismore said...

Glad to have you back, whatever you are writing about. I enjoyed following the US Open this year, though would have liked to see Sharapova and Clisters in the women's final. Glad to see Andre in a final, though he didn't stand a chance; Federer is like tennis's Tiger Woods now. I'm following baseball more closely than ever (which isn't saying much) because the Indians might be the team that pushes the Yanks out of the playoffs. That would be shweet! Of course, the Browns look like a disaster in the making, though they managed to score against the Bengals -- I wouldn't have been surprised to see them shutout.

Hope all of the job-searching, infant-caring, condo-selling is going well. Good luck!