Friday, September 12, 2008

NFL Parlay Picker - Week 2

Well, my picks last week were Teh Suck. But the nice thing about picking parlays is that you don't get way behind when you miss a bunch of picks. It's the same as missing one pick! Just try again the following week. So here goes.

CHIEFS -3 1/2 over Raiders

JaMarcus Russell on the road, against a hated rival. I predict a sub-50 passer rating and a double-digit loss.

Bears +3 over PANTHERS

Last week, the Panthers eeked out a last-second road win over a discombobulated Charger team while the Bears had their way with the Colts at the RCA dome. I'm much more impressed with the latter performance. Yes, I'm backing Kyle Orton on the road. No, I do not have a good excuse for this other than a gut feeling that the Bears are MUCH better than people realize. Let's move on.

REDSKINS +1 over Saints

This line has moved two points during the week, which tells you that the gambling public is massively backing the Saints. The gambling public is very stupid! I'll help Vegas balance that action and predict the Skins win this one outright, getting a late turnover to seal an ugly victory.

Colts +1 over VIKINGS

This is the pick that scares me a bit, because the Colts let Matt Forte run wild on them last week, and I don't like betting against Adrian Peterson. At the same time, I've gotta stick with my idea that the Bears are better than we realize, which means the Colts home loss in Week One doesn't look like quite such a stinker.

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Sarah said...

Your picks are total horse shit. I don't know how you can sleep at night knowing how wrong you are.