Thursday, October 06, 2005

After Two Years, AP Still Doesn't Get It

Looks like Karl Rove will testify one last time before the Fitzgerald grand jury in an attempt to stave off an indictment.

Many rumors were swirling around the insider blogosphere that Fitzgerald would indict somebody today. That never seemed likely to me as things in this case seem to move very slowly; I still think we'll be waiting right up to the end of the grand jury charter at the end of this month. But we'll see.

Anyway, the AP used the opportunity to once again bungle the story, as they have off and on about a thousand times since it broke over two years ago. Here's the key graf:

Plame is married to former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, who says his wife’s identity was disclosed to discredit his assertions that the Bush administration exaggerated Iraq’s nuclear capabilities to build the case for war.

Actually, that is and always has been the DEFENSE against Wilson's accusations. The White House claims their aim was to discredit Wilson by making it appear that his wife had landed him a cushy junket to Niger, and that it wasn't a serious inquiry. Wilson's position is that the White House leaked his wife's identity intentionally in order to retaliate against him by destroying her career.

It boggles the mind that after two years, reporters covering this story still do not understand its basic elements. It's a moderately complex case, but the basic story is pretty simple. Joe Wilson says something the White House doesn't like. His wife's identity is revealed to the press by White House sources. He claims they did it on purpose to damage him as a warning to other potential whistleblowers and their families. The White House says it was an accident; they didn't know she was covert.

Can we all spend one minute reading this paragraph please?

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