Monday, October 17, 2005


Not with a bang, but a whimper.

CIA leak probe 'widening to include use of intelligence.'

Translation: Patrick Fitzgerald is now investigating the Bush White House for lying the nation into war.

Pop some popcorn.


Uncle Kevin said...

I'm more than ready for a big heaping bowl of crow, but I am dubious that Fitzgerald has gone this far. If there is "something big" he has stumbled upon it is that intelligence was poorly handled, and that folks who weren't suppose to get classified info, got it. One hint is the whole "Flame/Plame" thing in Miller's notes. "Flame" is how someone whose primary language was arabic would phonetically tend to spell the name "Plame". How Miller would make such a mistake is hard to see. People don't tend to write their P's like their F's. No one would mistake the sound of a P for an F. So it is likely that Miller got the name from someone like Chalibi. At which point the question becomes just how much info was floating around to whom and was it handled correctly. The whole WHIG was a relative loose cannon and it could easily be seen that classified info was floating around a bit uncontrolled and the "leaking" to the press was the least of it.

Adam P. Short said...

Well, there are rumors today that someone in the Vice President's office is singing. If that's true, who knows what capers he's pulled back the curtain on. It won't be long until we know at least something.