Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cheer Up the Poor, Sad Little Internet Poll

Doing research for an upcoming post, I found this pathetic Zimbio poll asking people to predict the result of the Thad Cochran vs. Erik Fleming Senate race in Mississippi.

Though the poll is over a month old, I was apparently the first person to happen upon the page and vote. I found that to be incredibly sad. It reminded me of the end of AI where we see Teddy doomed to sit on the ocean floor with Cute Robot Kid until the end of time.

So go forth, readers, and vote! Make this poll's day!


Tim O'Brien said...

I voted "no"! Now who is Tad Cochran?

Raul Groom said...

Thad Cochran is the senior senator from Mississippi.

You were correct to vote "No," his opponent is a sacrificial lamb.


Tim O'Brien said...

Oh, Mississippi, one of those Wallace/LeMay states from the 60s. I stopped paying attention to states like that long ago.

Adam, take a look at the comment thread on this page: http://www.britannica.com/blogs/2008/10/brave-new-classroom-20-new-blog-forum/

What was that teacher's name anyway? Wasn't it Mr. Wallace? Boy, I sure he turned out better than Dan Lynch.

Raul Groom said...

Ah yes, Ray Wallace. His Rush-infused pop objectivism softened a bit in his dotage. I actually see him around town from time to time, and he's had a few Op/Eds in the Times Dispatch. If I recall correctly they were reasonable enough, all things considered.

The problem with teaching is, as ever, that most people are fools. For better or for worse, they tend to teach that well enough.