Friday, October 31, 2008

GI Joe is a Communist!

This Ezra Klein article caught my eye yesterday, but with all my various Halloween responsibilities I wasn't able to blog about it until this morning. The point in the linked article I was most interested in was this bit:

"Interestingly, self-identified conservative officers often supplied moderate responses when asked about spending on Social Security, health care, and education."

The reason this caught my eye is because it reminded me of a point often made by Stan Goff, the retired Special Forces officer turned radical author and activist. Goff argues in his book Full Spectrum Disorder that contrary to conventional leftist belief, the military is a fertile ground for ideas about restructuring of the domestic economic framework because the military is essentially a socialist collective.

I've always felt conflicted about this; though I'm certainly a socialist, I'm not sure I think that a socialist democracy based on a military model of socioeconomic organization is necessarily the type of socialist democracy I'd want to live in.

In any case, here is some evidence that what Goff is saying may in fact be true. The whole article is interesting; I recommend it.

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