Sunday, October 19, 2008

NFL Parlay Picker - Week 7

Short version today.

Tennessee -9 over KC - Big spread, but bigger problems for KC trying to move the ball against a d-line that outclasses their o=line so heavily.
GREEN BAY +1.5 over Indy - Suddenly Indy is favored against the Pack at Lambeau? Not so fast.
CAROLINA -3 over NewOrleans - New Orleans won't do enough against Carolina's quality D.
Cleveland +7.5 over WASHINGTON. Because I'm going to this game and we're going to win, goddammit!

UPDATE: I hit it, despite the fact that the Browns lost. So, every silver lining has a touch of grey, I guess.


Steviehop said...

Bills -1 vs Chargers- I'm not sure how a homer pick can negatively affect my chances at this point.

Seahawks +10.5 @ Tampa Bay- Seahawks lose but make it respectable

Broncos +3 @ Pats- until they show they don't suck, i'm going against the pats.

Jets-3 at Raiders

Tim O'Brien said...

I'm pretty sure that the Caliphate has the advantage. Ever since the Umayyads tore into Hispania, I've had a lot of trouble rooting for them. Remember Abd-ar-Rahman III? Talk about fumbles, that guy was a completel wreck.