Friday, October 03, 2008

NFL Parlay Picker - Week 5

So, making picks this week was harder for me than in previous weeks; there are a ton of odd and unpredictable matchups. From now on the picks are in order from strongest to weakest.

Tennessee -1 over BALTIMORE
The Joe Flacco era continues, this time against the best all-around defense in the NFL. Good luck with that.

Washington +6 over PHILADELPHIA
Still no respect for the Skins, and as for the Eagles, they have no running game to speak of without a healthy Westbrook. How will they move the ball against a decent pass defense?

Tampa Bay +3 over DENVER
Am I backing Brian Griese at Mile High? Remind me why I'm doing that. Ah yes. The Broncos pass defense is so terrible they will make Brian Griese look like, well, like someone good. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Buffalo +1 over ARIZONA
Great matchup for the Bills. They have a very good pass defense, and they are playing a team that can't run it but throws it pretty well. Also Arizona's pass D is fairly bad, and their run D isn't anything to get excited about. Plus, betting against the Cardinals usually works out pretty good.


Raul Groom said...

I would like to nominate Sage Rosenfels for "most convincing attempt to lose a starting quarterback job" for the 2008 season.

Guh. GUH.

Raul Groom said...

So, my picks were indeed in order from strongest to weakest, as Tennessee and Washington covered, Denver pushed with Tampa Bay (Denver's defense was not, in the end, enough to make Brian Griese look good) and the Bills got pounded by Arizona after Trent Edwards went out early with a concussion.