Friday, October 10, 2008

NFL Parlay Picker - Week 6

Identified five games I like this week, so the hard part was selecting 4.

I eventually decided not to select was Jax +3.5 over DENVER. It just felt odd picking 4 road teams, so I replaced it with Atlanta at home.

Another one I didn't select was Green Bay +1 over Seattle; I like the Pack a ton in this game and don't really understand the line. Betting public also likes GB in this game, so it's what's known as an Obvious Game. Stay away.

New England +5 over SAN DIEGO

I understand that New England is stumbling a bit, but let's not forget; this is still Belichick vs. Norv Turner.

Dallas -5 over ARIZONA

The Cowboys have been overpriced all season, but I like this one. Zona's not that good.

ATLANTA +3 over Chicago

I've been reluctant to accept that Michael Turner is for real, but I think this is the week that he proves it, at home against a tough Chicago D. UPDATE - Turner looked like garbage, actually, but Atlanta still won. WIN

Miami +3 over HOUSTON

It seems like Miami's horribleness last season is being priced in here. They are certainly good enough that they shouldn't be giving points to a winless team in week 6. UPDATE - Miami lost on a horrible defensive lapse at the end, but they covered when the Texans missed a 2PT conversion after the go-ahead TD. WIN

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Steviehop said...

Carolina +1 @ Tampa Bay

I think Carolina is the better team, and Delhomme as a perfect record in Tampa Bay.

Chicago -3 @ Atlanta

Chicago eats rookie QB's for breffus.

Denver -3.5 vs Jacksonville

J'ville looked pretty crappy at home in primetime vs the Steelers. If you can't get juiced for that game, how are you going to do in Mile High?

Philly -5 @ San Fran

Westbrook playing would make me feel a lot better about this pick, but still I think Philly's angry, and McNabb will assert himself.