Thursday, April 07, 2005

Addicted to Statcounter

For all the fellow bloggers out there in Bloggerland, I reluctantly direct you to StatCounter, where you can get detailed information about the traffic to your site.

I'll warn you, though, I've become a bit obsessed with the statistics, which are pretty comprehensive and have uncovered some interesting facts that I would not have guessed about this blog.

The first is that the site gets a significant amount of what I can only refer to as "walk-in traffic;" people clicking through the blogger "next page" button and randomly winding up at the blog. What's weird about this traffic is that it seems to cluster around certain times of day, which I couldn't puzzle out but my wife astutely guessed might indicate that rather than being truly random, there is some sort of master list that's constantly changing, so that while your blog is high on that list you get a lot of walk-in traffic, and while it's low you don't. Interesting.

Of course, the best part is the vanity aspect of it; I'm apparently big in New York City, especially the Brooklyn Public School system. That is, two different people have accessed the site from Brooklyn Public. New York and LA generate a fair number of visitors, along with Texas. That's unsurprising because those states are the most populous, but there are some more interesting hot spots as well - I've gotten a couple different visitors from Nebraska, for example.

I've had a modicum of international traffic, including someone from a university in the Czech Republic. I think that one is the best so far.

About 70 people clicked through to the blog from the article yesterday, which implies that at least a few hundred people read it. I've never been able to get DU to tell me how much traffic the front page articles get, so it's good to know someone out there is actually reading the stuff.

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