Monday, April 18, 2005

Welcome, Constant Readers!

We set a record today for traffic on a non-article day. Metrics on Statcounter suggest that I now have about 20 regular readers. About a dozen of these are people who know me IRL, which means that after publishing 4,500 words as AP Short, I am averaging about 562.5 published words per new reader. Or, more depressingly, each word that I publish attracts 1.8 x 10^-3 readers.

Thus in order to attract the approximately 1,000 readers per day that it takes to become "Ad-Viable," I need to publish about half a million words, approximately equal to the length of Tolstoy's War and Peace.

So, probably not. I guess I should devote myself to pleasing the readers I have. So welcome! Stay awhile, leave a comment, laudatory or biting, and of course, tell a friend!

And keep in mind I appreciate you a lot more than those popular bloggers.


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