Wednesday, April 13, 2005

via Atrios - The Ultimate Wanker

This is really, really, really fucking funny.

It's extra special to me because I was a big Ultimate Warrior fan when I was a kid. His Warrior Press was a cool finishing move, though I never really understood why lifting someone up in the air for a few seconds and then dropping them was supposed to hurt more than kicking them repeatedly in the face or any of the other non-finishing moves wrestlers use. Still, with a little willing suspension of disbelief it was a lot of fun to watch.

You often hear conservatives bemoan the entry of celebrities into the political arena, but regardless of where the line is between people who have some business being listened to on matters of public policy and people who are just silly cranks shooting off their mouths, I think we can all agree which side of the line ex-pro wrestlers fall on. And yes, that includes Jesse.


Anonymous said...

"And yes, that includes Jesse."

At which point, we can begin to disagree again. Ventura certainly shot his mouth off, but he had several good ideas to go along his bad ones. The best idea was the one where he thougth it was a good idea to show that maybe power could belong to more than just the two major parties.


Adam P. Short said...

See, to me Ventura did nothing but discredit third-party politics. His fiscal sense was none (he drove the Minnesota treasury from surplus into the trash), he lied constantly (pretending to be a Navy SEAL and implying repeatedly that he had combat experience), and his opinions made no sense ("Until you hunted man, you haven't hunted yet.") He was poorly informed and unprepared on television, and basically gave the impression of someone who wasn't really serious about governing.

When he won the governorship of Minnesota I was overjoyed. But as anything other than an object lesson in why you shouldn't elect a professional wrestler to run your state, he turned out to be a bust.