Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Philadelphia Labor Dispute

I know we have a regular reader from Philly (I don't know who it is), so I thought I would pass along this labor article from the Philly Burbs.

I've remarked before on the decline of the labor press, so I should probably make it a point to highlight labor stories when I run across them.

One thing to keep in mind reading this - the workers had to STRIKE to get a contract reducing wages and benefits by 25%. What the hell was the original offer? Outrageous. Gotta love that free market.


Anonymous said...

Other labor news from Europe - the German minimum wage proposals are causing quite a lot of fights.

Essentially, Eastern Europeans are coming into Germany, a country that already has high unemployment, and are willing to work for lower wages. But the wages that are involved would probably put the American situation in perspective - 9 euros/hour is considered bottom of the barrel over there in jobs that usually earn 25 euros. (Keep in mind the 40% taxes)


Adam P. Short said...

Interesting stuff. I'll have to look at this expatica.com from now on - looks like a fine site.