Friday, April 15, 2005

No Google for Me

Last week I got about 70 hits from people clicking through from the DU article; this week I seem to be getting basically nothing. This seems to be at least in part because for some reason, Google News did not spider DU today. I'm not sure why this is, but it's too bad. Anyway, hopefully we can get some new readers next week. For now, forward the article around if you have a chance. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

When you say they didn't spider google, do you have a way to check DU's weblogs to tell if their bot hit it, or are you just saying it doesn't appear in google's main search? Sometimes it can take a while for google to update stuff in their systems so that it appears as a search result - it's a pretty distributed process. Also "King of Crooks" is the name of several other books that show up prominently in google, so depending on what you're searching with you might just be buried because your article is so new - nobody is linking to it, and it can't be ranked very high.

Adam P. Short said...

Google News spiders constantly; stuff shows up within minutes. They are able to do that because they only spider a limited number of sites.

I don't have access to the logs, but nothing from DU's frontpage today is in Google News. It just got missed for some reason. I emailed their web guy about it; this has happened before and it's usually a site config issue.