Friday, April 15, 2005

The Dirty South

I've added yet another link - this one to the excellent blog The Dirty South. This is based on the principle - one I want to make completely clear - that anyone who links to my blog will get a link back to their blog.

Because I'm a whore.

However I do genuinely recommend this blog; the author knows a lot about Hunter S. Thompson, which makes him cool in my book. Also he listens to Ween and Prince, also extremely cool.

In fact, if you read nothing else on Dirty South, Read This Post. One of Thompson's densest and most prophetic rants. A classic.


Herr Gokmop said...

Hi, this is Dickie Shaftem, the webmaster for - just wanted to let you know that we've linked to your blog...can we get a little love in return? Oh, and by the way, we need to have a talk. We don't think you've been on message recently. Didn't you get the talking points document? :)

OK, OK, seriously. Link exchanges aren't whoring. They're just blatant self promotion. And effective manipulation of google. You gotta be careful with that stuff. HTML doesn't have a <sarcasm> tag yet.

Adam P. Short said...

If a Delay site linked to here, I'd totally link back. In fact if a Delay site will link to this blog I will give the Delay campaign $100.

Eric said...

I enjoyed your article about Delay, I was about to type up my own indictment about that fuckin swine, but you beat me to the punch - and i'm not one to reinvent the wheel, yours was perfect in every way.

I've put a link to your blog on my site, I get moderate traffic to it... few hundred a day, mainly thanks to, and some various google searches and forums.


Eric said...

And btw, I can tell the outlaw gonzo journalist is one of your influences... mine too.