Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tom Delay Scandal of the Day, Day 2

Hey, who knows, maybe there really will be enough material to make this a regular feature. Anyway, this isn't a new scandal, but it's different from yesterday's TDSotD, so I'm posting it. The article is pretty boring, but it's worth it to get a look at a picture of Tom Delay trying to cry on camera. He looks to me somehow like what I imagined the robot Andy in the Wolves of the Calla looking like. Not sure why, just jumped into my head when I saw the picture - "hey, andy's crying."

Oh, yeah, here's the link.

At the risk of spoiling the book for those who have yet to read it (and who couldn't figure out from the twenty-five really obvious clues King, with his usual subtlety, throws in early on) Andy turns out to be a corrupt, baby-torturing monster.

So maybe that's where the association came in, and not the picture.

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