Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Please Stop, You're Defending Me to Death

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Something tells me this Support Delay thing may have made a couple of false steps during this PC.

Echoing the words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, signers of the Declaration are saying, "We must save the Constitution from the Court and the Court from itself."

Ok, see, when FDR said this, he was in the middle of trying to execute an arrogant, foolhardy, unconstitutional and illegal court-packing scheme that eventually failed. But whatever.

I also like that they dragged George Bush's name into this. I'm sure his media team is turning cartwheels over being thumbtacked to the efforts of 25 crazed bible-thumpers to get a corrupt creep off the hook.

BTW earlier I was not implying that Atrios is the Ultimate Wanker. That is all.

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