Friday, April 22, 2005

Bolton in Big Trouble

Just a few days after three brave Republicans (really just one plus two cowards who piled on after the fact) blocked John Bolton's recommendation by the Senate Foreign Relations committee, Colin Powell's now getting in on the act.

I have to admit I am not 100% sure why this particular Bush nomination is getting so much focus. As bad a nominee as he is (and he's very, very bad) I have to say that the Elliot Abrams appointment, both Negroponte appointments, and probably even the John Snow appointment were at least as bad as this one.

But it does warm my heart to see the Dems actually get dirty trying to stop one of these garbage appointments. There are a lot of fault lines within the Republican party right now, perhaps even as many as there are in the Democratic party, and if the Dems can come up with a strategy to exploit those divisions they can actually start functioning as a useful opposition again.

What bothers me slightly about this Bolton appointment is that while the Dems are doing a good job actually opposing it, they aren't doing a good job putting it in the larger context of the Bush administration's willingess to - in fact zeal for - appointing people who have demonstrated their obvious unfitness for the post for which they are being sent up.

Which in a sense is a policy that goes right to the top of the ticket.


Anonymous said...

I watched Lugar's face a coupla times on C-Span's reruns (when Senator Voinovich stopped the committee cold) and thought of a cone of sand: when that next single grain drops from above, it starts an avalanche!
I believe the tide IS turning. My only concern is the honesty of the next election with paper trails and exit polls. Otherwise, no change is possible!
Judy Down Maine

DBK said...

Oh man, if the Dems had stood up on their hind legs and said something about "Death Squad" Negroponte I would have been proud of them. Well, better late than never.