Friday, April 15, 2005

Welcome Browns Fans!

Things were slower than last week, but all told we got a few new folks, including someone from Cleveland! Welcome, O fellow liberal Browns fan, there are not many of us. We must stick together.

How do I know this? Well, check out the politics forum at The Official Browns Site sometime and see for yourself. Some really nice sentiments crop up from time to time. One regular poster (who is a dickhead even when he talks about football - not true of all the right-wingers there) once advocated using nuclear weapons to wipe out all Arabs, concluding "You can drill through glass."

Anyway, since we have a Cleveland person (or had, anyway), this is an excellent excuse for me to go on at some length about my beloved Browns. Of course, the Browns have been cover-your-eyes awful for the past two years, BUT I have high hopes for the new regime brought in by Romeo Crennel.

Did you know we have a real NFL offensive line? I mean, they aren't Pro Bowlers or anything, but hey, Joe Andruzzi and Cosey Coleman could probably actually start for some team other than the Browns! Compare that to the endless gaggle of Enoch Demars, Melvin Fowlers and Paul Zukuaskases that we've shuffled around on the interior for the past five years and you start to feel pretty good. [Note to people who stopped reading long ago - see, what's funny about those guys is you can tell how much they suck just from their geeky names.]

We also acquired the most underrated quarterback of all time. I've never understood the Trent Dilfer phenomenon. In a league where any QB who has ever quarterbacked a team to the playoffs is considered to be almost divine, how does Trent Dilfer not get any respect? He won the Super Bowl, but the team he won it with cut him and have since been consistently mediocre, so he went somewhere else and just won constantly, but they benched him for some other dude and are now consistently mediocre.

Now he's with the Browns. What a great place for a blue-collar guy to have a rebirth.

The defense, unfortunately, is probably still going to suck. I know Crennel's a defensive genius and all that, but really, who do we have? An average middle linebacker, a very good cornerback, and... nothing. Could get ugly.

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Anonymous said...

the browns suck......
The colors suck (safety orange..nice!) , the name sucks, and where do you get 'the dawg pound' from????
Sort of contrived, if you ask me.

We never called the Raiders "The Davises" nor did we call the Steelers "The Rooneys" why are they called "The Browns"??

The Browns will be icons of mediocrity.

Only Cleveland could go without a football team for so long.