Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Struggling with Topic Selection

With the work week 2/5 over, I've been unable to select a topic for this week's article. It takes me most of a workday to bang out 2000 words of usable copy, so I need to come up with something in the next 24 hours. Any suggestions, even sarcastic or ridiculous ones, are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Speaking of 2000-word screeds, Tom Delay sent a nice long letter to his constituents yesterday defending himself against the scurrilous attack journalism of such communist rags as the Wall Street Journal and the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Think Progress has a handy guide to all the misleading and false shit that Delay had to put in the letter to make it seem like he's not a crook.


Anonymous said...

What about an article speculating further on the new pope's likilhood to be a thorn in the side of the right because of the antiwar stuff?

Adam P. Short said...

Hmm... Not sure I could turn that into 2000 words, but... The general idea is sound. Let's see here...